Note 1 (Al Jabbar -The Mender)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Name of Allah

🌴 *Al Jabbar – The Mender*

(اسم الله الجبار)

By Productive Muslimah
🌻 Note : 1 🌻
🍋🍊 Sometimes people gather together in order to solve a family problem or a problem between colleagues at work. If people come without having the intention of reconciliation, then they’ll leave even angrier than before. It means there was no truthfulness in that gathering, so how do they want Al Jabbar to fix their problem if there’s no truthfulness❓

 Subhan Allah.
🍐🍉Most fitnas happen because people want their rights to be given to them in full in this life, though it’s not possible that everyone can give everybody’s his due right in this life. For this reason, build your relationships knowing that *Allah is Al Jabbar and only He’s able to fix what’s missing in you*, and only He’s able to fix the emotional needs of those whom you deal with so you are at ease.
🍊🍋You might find a wife who’s been living with her husband for 25 years and both are still on their same habits and attitudes; their manners haven’t changed towards each other. Why❓ Because they don’t knock on Allah Al Jabbar’s door asking Him to mend their shortcomings. So each remains complaining about the other, and each says _‘I tried to make him/her understand but he/she just doesn’t get it’_ This only leads to less respect to one another, despite the fact this attitude remains in them so they may go to Allah Al Jabbar, subhan Allah.
🍐🍉When you find yourself with shortcomings and someone loves you and respects you, though you know your reality and you know you don’t deserve it, then this is because Allah Al Jabbar has fixed your image in the eyes of people. This is one of the types of Allah’s jabr.
🍊🍋Our travel to Allah (ﷻ) is with our hearts, not our bodies because the one that’s carrying this body is the heart, and not the other way around. A person might find himself lazy, so he’s told to get some check-ups done. When he gets the results for his check-ups, everything is fine. So he’s told this is just a psychological problem, though the real issue is a heart problem. The heart is not filled with knowledge about Allah (ﷻ), subhan Allah.
🍐🍉Anything that’s broken in our lives, whether it’s material or emotional, only Allah Al Jabbar can fix it. And this is the difference between someone with knowledge about Allah (ﷻ) and someone who’s ignorant about Him. The one who knows Allah (ﷻ) will wait to be fixed by Allah Al Jabbar, whereas the one who’s ignorant about Allah (ﷻ) will wait to be fixed by the means.
💛 May Allah *Al Jabbar* fix us.



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