12 Tips to be Healthy

​*Assalam O Alaikum* 
*1⃣_* Any food you consume after 8 P.M. everyday is equally a

poison to your body❓
*2⃣_* If you can follow the water therapy for 3 months religiously, your skin, your body and your organs begins to function well❓
*3⃣_* Do you know Breakfast is the most important meal of the

day; If you must skip any meal, it shouldn’t be breakfast❓
*4⃣_* Do you know too much red meat is very dangerous to your health❓
*5⃣_* Do you know people who smile always live longer, look younger and are more healthier than their counter part who does not❓

You can use the most expensive cream on your body; you can take the best care of your body, but *HONEY* with *BANANA* can make your skin glow, make it look good and make people ask you the kind of cream you are using.
*6⃣_* For every bottle of soft drink you consume, you have just taken 9cubes of sugar, and it takes 7 days for it to wash off your body; men increase their likelihood of having a heart attack by 20 percent.
*7⃣_* Fried meat is a killer; It is damaging your body.
*8⃣_* People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level.
*9⃣_* Drinking water only when you are thirsty is obtaining a license to damage your liver.
*🔟_* Holding your urine when you are supposed to let go is

another way you are damaging your liver?
*1⃣1⃣_* Adding salt into your food when it is already served is

another way of slowly poisoning yourself and vital organs❓
*1⃣2⃣_* Observing the routine of proper eating: Eat BREAKFAST like a KING, LUNCH like a PRINCE and DINNER like a BEGGAR would help you live longer.
*_Please take care of your health, for HEALTH is WEALTH_*


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