*Al Jabbar – The Mender* 

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Name of Allah 

🌴 *Al Jabbar – The Mender* 

(اسم الله الجبار)

By Productive Muslimah
🌻 Note : 3 🌻
🍉🍒 Sheikh Abdulrazaq Al Badar said: _Allah (ﷻ) also mends a special mending (special jabr) to the hearts of those who submit to His greatness and to the hearts of those who love Him. They are in complete submission to Him, hoping to attain His great favors._
🍉🍒 This means *Allah (ﷻ) mends and fixes the hearts of the believers* who have something missing in their lives, why❓ Because their hearts submit to Him, break before Him and always turn to Him. Know that an action from the slave is met with an action from the Rabb, subhan Allah‼
🍉🍒 So the hearts that submit to Allah (ﷻ) are mended and fixed from the duniya. When they get feelings that something is missing in their lives from the duniya, such as money, a house, a beloved one, etc, Allah Al Jabbar immediately fixes and mends their hearts by strengthening their attachment to Him so that they never see what’s missing anymore, subhan Allah‼
🍉🍒 Whether they have from the duniya or not, it’s the same for them, and this is from one of the most difficult scenarios which is a very high level to reach. So Allah Al Jabbar mends and fixes them by gifting them with special knowledge and love towards it so they taste sweetness in seeking knowledge about Allah (ﷻ). And this knowledge about Him mends their broken hearts and expands their chests from all that’s missing from them from the duniya, subhan Allah‼


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