👑🌟 Names of Allah 🌟👑



🌟Allah calls Himself *Al-Baseer*’—– *The All-Seeing, The All-Perceiving, The All-Comprehending* — on 42 occasions in the Quran. 
💠 He is the One whose perfect sight encompasses the whole creation. 
💠 *Al-Baseer* has insight into all things and Who perceives every detail, every state of existence, and every circumstance!
💠 The All-and-Ever-Seeing, The Comprehending
🍁Baseer comes from the root *baa-saad-raa*, which points to *four* main meanings. 
1⃣ The first main meaning is _to see or notice_, and 
2⃣ the second _to understand_. 
3⃣ The third main meaning is _to have insight or to perceive_, and 
4⃣ the fourth is _to be precisely aware_.
🔸Linguistically, baseer is on the structure of *intensification*. 
🌸 *Al-Baseer* refers to the perfection and the totality of Allah’s seeing, which cannot be compared with the seeing of any other created being.✨🌸
  *Watch your deeds!*
▪How many times have you watched your deeds when certain people were around❓
💡 As a Muslim one of your tasks is to mind the acts of your limbs and your heart anytime, anywhere, and in any company.
👀🎥 A practical tip is to imagine yourself being watched by a camera which follows you 24/7, whether you are with people or all alone. 🎥👀
🌟🌟The sight of Al-Baseer cannot be topped by a hundred million cameras.🌟🌟
Al-Baseer sees every hardship you face, so invoke Him and supplicate to Him.🌟🌹
💚 Remember at all times; the fact that you are able to make sujood and even say Yaa Allah is a blessing that surpasses all others.💚
🌟🙌🍃O Allah, Al-Baseer, we know You see every move we make. Aid us to watch our deeds and use our sight and insight for Your sake only, and make us grateful for the blessings of our senses.🌹
🌟🙌Protect us from bad deeds, and support us in doing everything we do, in worship and worldly affairs, with excellence, ameen!🌹🍃


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