🔱 Al-Wahhaab 🔱

         👑 Names of Allah 👑


           🔱 Al-Wahhaab 🔱
🔹Allah calls Himself Al-Wahhaab— 
🌹The Giver of gifts, The Most Liberal Bestower— three times in the Quran. 
🎁He is the All-Giver who bestows gifts, favors, and blessings upon the whole creation. 
🎁Al-Wahhaab gives gifts constantly, generously, endlessly, and without expecting anything in return!
🎁The Great Giver, the One who constantly bestows
〰💠Wahhaab comes from the root waw-haa-baa, which points to three main meanings. 
1⃣The first meaning is to give for no compensation, to donate, to offer as a present, or to bestow and 
2⃣ the second is to grant or endow. 
3⃣The third main meaning is to cause something to be.
🌸 Linguistically, wahhaab has the structure of intensification and is the intense form of Al-Wahib, the giver. 
🔱 The word hiba means gift. Al-Wahhaab is the source of all gifts, bestowing favors with the most detailed wisdom. 
🌟His gifts come in the form of moments you experience, scenes you see, things you hear, and as material blessings.🌟
🎁 How can you recognize a gift❓
〰🔸Rizq (provision) is something that’s written for you, but you have to work for it; it depends in part on your efforts. 
🌹A gift (hiba) isn’t something directly related to your efforts. 
〰🔸A person you missed suddenly calling you or getting something just at the right moment are gifts. 
💓Sometimes you give gifts to someone you love and sometimes you give gifts to draw someone closer to you. 
◾ What does it mean when Al-Wahhaab gives you a gift❓
🌸🌸It might mean that He gives you a gift so that you can come closer to Him, even though you were going astray.
🎁👤Give gifts to others.👤🎁
🌼 The Prophet ﷺ said, Give gifts, for this will increase your mutual love [Muslim]. 
🔱No human being gives anything for nothing, even if it’s that we give to gain the reward of Allah ﷻ by it. The only One Who gives asking for nothing in return is Al-Wahhaab.🌹
🔱 If a human being gives you a gift, who is the real donor❓
☝ It is Al-Wahhaab who inspired him to give you what he has given you! 
💓💓So first thank Allah ﷻ for inspiring people to help you, 
💓💓and then be grateful to the people by doing a favor for them, or, if you can’t, by saying jazakAllahu khayran or barakAllahu feek(i).
🍃🙌O Allah, Al-Wahhaab, we know You are the Giver of all gifts. Make us of those who are grateful for Your gifts and use them to please You, and adorn us with love for You.
🍃Make us ponder Your gifts, inspire us to give gifts to others, and give us from Your mercy that overwhelms us in this present world and the world to come.🍃🙌🎁
💓Verily, You are the best giver of gifts, ameen!🎁🙌


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