👑 Names of Allah 👑


🌹 Allah calls Himself Al-Musawwir— The Fashioner, The Bestower of Forms— on one occasion in the Quran. 
🌠 He is the One who forms and shapes all that exists. 
🌠Al-Musawwir gave everything its own distinct shape and inclination or desire – despite the great variety of the creation – every single creature is unique!
🌠The Shaper, The Fashioner, The Bestower of Forms
🌸 Musawwir comes from the root saad-waw-raa, 
🔹which points to three main meanings. 
1⃣The first main meaning is to make something incline, lean, or bend, and 
2⃣ the second is to form, fashion, sculpt, imagine, or picture something. 
3⃣The third main meaning is to have an inclination or desire towards something.
🌟 Linguistically, khaaliq, baari’, and musawwir are interrelated in meaning and deal with the aspects of Allah ﷻ as Creator; all the rest is creation. 
🌹Al-Musawwir bestows forms and not by way of copying— He is far above that.✨
🌹Al-Musawwir says Be! and it is, with the attributes and the form that He has chosen for it.✨
🌹He does what He wills and creates what He wills in the form that He wills.✨

💓Be happy with how al-Musawwir shaped you. We live in a time of cosmetic surgery; if you don’t like how you look, you can change yourself with a medical procedure.
🌸Allah ﷻ says: He it is who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases. 
🌺 There is no god but He, the Mighty, the Wise. [Quran, 3:6] Be content with how Al-Musawwir shaped you by His ultimate wisdom.
🔹🔹 For example, if we were as beautiful as the Prophet Yuusuf ‘alayhi salam, would we be able to withstand the temptations he faced? 
👤When you look at yourself in the mirror, say Alhamdulillah.💓✨✨
🌀If Shaytan tempts you to complain about any of your facial or body features, remember those who are blind, sick, or disabled.👤

🙌🍃🌠O Allah, Al-Musawwir, we know that You are the One who forms the whole creation. 
🙌🍃🌠Make us of the shaakireen (the grateful ones) for our own forms and the shapes around us, help us ponder Your creations and ask You at all times.🍃🙌
🙌Make us of those who use the blessings you gave us for good, and make us witness the beautiful shapes of Paradise, ameen!🌠🍃🙌


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