👑 Names of Allah 👑



✨Allah calls Himself Al-‘Aleem— 
🌼The All-Knowing, The Omniscient— on more than 150 occasions in the Quran. 
🌼He is the One whose knowledge is complete and perfect. 
🌼Al-‘Aleem knows the tiniest of details of all things hidden and manifest and He has recorded the properties of everything in a book that is with Him!
🌼The All-and-Ever-Knowing, The Omniscient
🔹‘Aleem comes from the root ‘ayn-laam-meem, which points to four main meanings. 
1⃣ The first main meaning is to have knowledge and be aware and certain, and 
2⃣ the second is to gather information. 
3⃣ The third main meaning is to have deep knowledge of minute details, and 
4⃣ the fourth main meaning is to act according to knowledge.
🌟Linguistically, Aleem is the intense form of ‘alim (knower). 
🍃Al-‘Aleem is the All-and-Ever-Knowing. The name *Al-`Allam* is the most intense form of the word; it appears four times in the Quran and it points out to the perfection and totality of Allah’s knowledge. 
🌹Al-‘Aleem comprehends everything with certainty; no knowledge is concealed from Him and He is intuitively aware of all things even before they take place.
🌸No ignorance, no learning, no forgetting
🌸Allah’s knowledge can’t be compared to any other knowledge in creation. 
👥 Our knowledge is preceded by ignorance and we gain knowledge by learning. We also forget. How many times have we studied something only to forget it the next day? 
✨Allah’s ‘ilm is neither acquired through learning nor preceded by ignorance; nothing in the heavens or on Earth escapes His notice.✨

🌺 Al-‘Aleem says: *There falls not a leaf but He knows it, nor a grain in the darkness of the Earth, nor anything green nor withered but it is all in a clear book.*

   〰🔹[Quran, 6:59]🔹〰
🙌Ask Al-‘Aleem to increase your knowledge.

📖 Allah Al-‘Aleem loves those who seek knowledge and teaches you to offer Him the following prayer:
🌺 رَّبِّ زِدْنِى عِلْمًا- *My Lord! Increase me in knowledge*

    〰🔹[Quran, 20:114]🔹〰
🌹🙌🍃O Allah, Al-‘Aleem, we know nothing but what You teach us. Instil in us eagerness to learn, guide us to the best knowledge, increase our knowledge and make us benefit from it, and guide us to act upon our ‘ilm by doing what pleases You and staying away from what displeases You.🌹
🍃🙌Make us contemplate ourselves and the creation around us, and assist us in accepting your decree at all times, ameen!🌹✨🙌


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