〰🔱 Al-Jabbaar🔱〰

         👑 Names of Allah 👑


         〰🔱 Al-Jabbaar🔱〰
🍃Allah calls Himself Al-Jabbaar— 
🌸 The Compeller, The Restorer— on one occasion in the Quran. 
🌹He is the One who compels all things according to His will.
🌹 Al-Jabbaar is the Highest One, who irresistibly restores, repairs, and completes all of creation!
🌹The Compeller, The Restorer, The Greatest
🌸Jabbaar comes from the root jeem-baa-raa 

🔹which points to three main meanings. 
1⃣The first main meaning is to compel and force someone to do something and 
2⃣the second is to be supreme and high. 
3⃣The third main meaning is to repair, to mend, or to restore something.
🍁Linguistically, jabbaar has the structure of intensification. 
🌹〰Jaabir points to one who compels or restores and jabeerah is used for a splint, to help broken bones. 
🌹〰Al-Jabbaar is the ultimate compeller; whatever He wills happens. 
🌹〰He is the highest and the One who fixes the situation for His creation.

〰🍁Three types of jabr🍁〰
🔱Jabbaar occurs ten times in the Quran, but is only used once for Allah ﷻ. 
🍃Nine times jabbaar refers to the people oppressing others and only Allah is al-Jabbaar in a positive sense. 
🔱His might is in the sense of power; Al-Jabbaar is the One who compels the tyrants, overwhelming them with His power and might.
❤His might is in the sense of mercy; Al-Jabbaar mends the broken-hearted by restoring peace of mind as well as reward if they are patient.
🍃🙌O Allah, Al-Jabbaar, we know that You are the One who compels and restores and who is Highest. Mend our hearts when we are distressed and protect us from oppression and from being oppressive to others.🍃
🍃🙌Make us obey Your commands willingly, and enable us to reach all our goals which are pleasing to You, ameen!🍃


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