What is Aqeedah❓

        What is Aqeedah❓
🔱‘Aqeedah comes from the Arabic root word 


‘aqadah ● to hold on to something tight, 

              ● to be certain, 

              ● to tie something firmly, 

              ● to affirm something with       

🔱From ‘aqadah comes the word 

              ● ‘uqad -knots➰
🍂So ‘Aqeedah are those matters which are known 

      🔻from the Quran and 

      🔻from the authentic hadeeth 

 ✨which a muslim must believe in his heart in acknowledgment of the truth of Allah and his Messenger.
🔱Aqeeda includes the the 6⃣ pillars of Faith, and 

🚩most importantly the belief in Qadar


❤One very important thing we should remember is that Aqeeda doesn’t stop in the heart,

💢rather it should be demonstrated on the limb ; 

▪these two cannot be separated – 
🔱there is a link between a person’s inner self and his outer actions; 
🔻Our actions are determined by what is in our hearts.
🌼The Prophet ﷺ said :
 ✨Indeed there is a piece of flesh which, if it is sound, all the body is sound and which, if it is diseased, all of the body is diseased. 
❤This part of the body is the heart.❤

〰[Bukhari & Muslim]〰




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