🔱Our ‘Aqeedah is what we believe in; 


🔱Our ‘Aqeedah is what we believe in; 
🍂It is the ‘Aqeedah which defines us  

       🔻as a Muslim.
▪The Prophet ﷺ concentrated on this matter of ‘Aqeedah and Tawheed for the first 13 years of Prophethood.  
🔻It was only later on that Salah and Zakat were made obligatory.
💢 The mushrikeen of Makkah didn’t fight the Prophet for who he was. 
💢 It was because of his teaching of ‘Aqeedah and Tawheed, that the mushrikeen started opposing the Prophet ﷺ.   
🔱Infact the message of all the Prophets and Messengers was that of Tawheed 

     ✨Calling people to the worship of one Ilaha without associating partners.

💢 The majority of the Qur’aan was revealed regarding the ‘Aqeedah /Tawheed,
💬so much so that Ibn Qayyim (ra) said no surah, rather no ayah is missing tawheed.
▪The whole of the quran is tawheed and 

▪the majority of the ayahs deal with nothing but tawheed. 

🔱Of the important matters of Aqeedah, is to know the meaning of 

〰La ilaha illa Allah and its conditions:〰
💢 La ilaha illa Allah is made up of 2⃣ parts.
♦ refusing and denying and rejecting everything that is worshipped besides Allah and dedicating our worship to Allah alone. 
🔱La ilaha illa Allah has conditions which are of great importance, 

   🚩it is compulsory on every Muslim to know and implement them in their daily lives. 
🍂This is because if a person breaks one of these conditions, his Islam is nullified.

 To be continued…


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