✒What if an individual is unable to recite because the jinn takes control of his tongue and twists it, 

❗or seals his lips shut, or he falls asleep as soon as he tries, or

❗ he begins having fits etc. Will this person be taken outside the fold of the 70,000 if he requests ruqya? 

▪“There comes a time when the jinn may take control of his tongue and may cause him to be disabled in some form where he cannot do self ruqya, that person may desire not to seek help and continue to remain patient until death due to the hadeeth.
▫ In such a great calamity, it is important for him to assess his condition and iman. 
▪Indeed ruqya has been made permissible for one to do over the sick, if he is in dire need, he should seek assistance and make his condition better to worship Allah and perfect his Deen in the best way he can. If he is unable to offer salah and the pillars of Islam due to the oppression of the jinn, he should seek help for indeed on the Day of Judgement he will be questioned on it and be asked as to why he did not get ruqyaa done to fulfil the pillars of the Deen.
▫Indeed Allah Azza wa Jal is most merciful, He may even out of His Mercy admit him amongst the 70000.
▪This is my opinion, at the end of the day each one of us are responsible for ourselves and our flock. 
▫So if the oppression is great and he is unable to fulfil even basic duties such as salah, he should get ruqya done.
◆I (Abu ibraheem) ask Allah to admit amongst the 70,000 who enter Jannah without any reckoning or punishment and I ask Allah to give us the taufeeq to have complete reliance in Allah.
Ameen ya Rabbul Aalameen



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