🔹🔹 Al-Mu’min🔹🔹

         👑 Names of Allah 👑


         🔹🔹 Al-Mu’min🔹🔹

✨Allah calls Himself Al-Mu’min— 

  🌹The Giver of tranquillity, 

  🌹The Source of faith— 
🔹on one occasion in the Quran. 
🎁 He is the One who bestows the gifts of peace, security, and faith.
🌸 Al-Mu’min removes fear, affirms His oneness, and is the Most Faithful!
🌸 The Bestower of Faith and Security, the Faithful
🌟Mu’min comes from the root hamza-meem-noon, 
🔹which points to four main meanings. 
1⃣The first main meaning is to be secure, safe, and free from fear, and 
2⃣ the second is to be quiet and tranquil. 
3⃣ The third main meaning is to grant protection and to safeguard, the fourth is to be trustworthy, and the fifth main meaning is to believe in.
🔱 Linguistically mu’min points out to three concepts. One is emaan, which is to affirm something, and the opposite of it is to deny something. 
☝ Al Mu’min is the One who affirms and believes His oneness. 
🍁 Allah Himself bears witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Him. 

  〰[Quran, 3:18]〰
🔷 The other concept is that of aman, which means security, safety, and freedom from fear. The word amaanah (translated as “a trust”) comes from the same root. 
🌸🌸 Al-Mu’min is the One who affirms and believes His oneness;

🌸🌸 He is the One who gives security and removes the opposite— which is fear— and is the best keeper of amaanaat, 

🌸🌸 the One who is most faithful.
🌹O Allah, Al-Mu’min, we know that You are the Source of Faith and Giver of safety. Bless us with strong emaan, lead us in taking care of our trusts and fulfilling our promises, and adorn us with all the characteristics of Your beloved believers. ✨✨
💓Grant us steadfastness and safety in this world and the Hereafter, and make us of those who enjoy the ultimate safety of Paradise, ameen!🌹💓



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