🎁 Ramadan 30 Day To Do List 🎁


    🎀 Productive                       Ramadan 🎀

🎁 Ramadan 30 Day To Do List 🎁

🗓 *Day 1*

💌 Send a warm, heartfelt letter to someone in
your circles who really
needs it.

🗓 *Day 2*

⏰ Ego discipline: forgive and make peace with an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a
very long time.

🗓 *Day 3*

🔍 Explore Abu Bakr
day. (See Productive
Muslim article).

🗓 *Day 4*

💦 Do something deeply thoughtful for your neighbor (cook their favorite meal, clean their doorway, water their plants…etc.).

🗓 *Day 5*

🛎 Cook your favorite,
fanciest meal (don’t
eat it), give it to a poor
person you know.

🗓 *Day 6*

📇 Give an English
translation of the
Quran to a foreign

🗓 *Day 7*

📕 Put a copy of the
Quran in a nearby
masjid. Every time
any person reads in
it, you’ll take reward
for every letter they

🗓 *Day 8*

📝 Make a list of all the
deceased people
you know and make
heartfelt dua for them,
the same dua you’d
want people to make
for you when you
leave this dunya.

🗓 *Day 9*

👦🏻 Find a child in your
circles who doesn’t
know Al-Fatiha yet
and teach it to him/
her. Every time they
recite it throughout
their lives, you’ll get

🗓 *Day 10*

📜 Learn a new hadith
and implement it.

🗓 *Day 11*

📖 Memorize a short
sura of the Qur’an
that you haven’t
memorized yet, learn
its tafseer then teach it
to someone, or share
lessons learnt with
loved ones.

🗓 *Day 12*

📌 Self-discipline:
practice no gossiping,
backbiting or
slandering in any
way, shape or form.
(Whenever you slip,
put a larger amount of
money in charity).

🗓 *Day 13*

📒 Give a nice small,
thoughtful gift to
someone (could be
anything; notebook,

🗓 *Day 14*

💎 Help a stranger.

*Day 15*

💊 Visit a sick person.

🗓 *Day 16*

📬 Drop a small note with an inspirational ayah/ quote in a neighbor’s
letter box.

🗓 *Day 17*

🎁 Bring small gifts
(candy) to your
colleagues at work/

🗓 *Day 18*

💝 Give a kiss to your
mother (if she passed
away, then a relative
of your mother’s and
make dua for your

🗓 *Day 19*

📞 Call an old friend/
relative whom you
haven’t spoken to in
a while.

🗓 *Day 20*

🌺 Say a kind word to
everyone you meet
today. The Prophet
[SAW] said: “A kind
word is charity”.

🍃 [Al- Bukhari & Muslim] 🍃

🗓 *Day 21*

💰 *Charity*, charity,
charity. “Give charity
without delay, for it
stands in the way of

🍃 [Al-Tirmidhi,
Hadith 589] 🍃

🗓 *Day 22*

👐🏻 Make a decision to
not let your eyes,
tongue, thoughts or
even your heart judge
any person you see
or meet today. Pray
for people secretly

🗓 *Day 23*

📔 Pick up a *Book* on the seerah (like *”The Sealed Nectar”* and read a page every day. Revive your love of the Prophet [SAW].

🗓 *Day 24*

🕌 Ego discipline: find
an act that would
help you regain
your humility and
humbleness. Clean the
bathroom, sweep the
floors of the masjid…

🗓 *Day 25*

Find two people who
are in disagreement
with one another,
and do your best to
reconcile matters
between them.

🗓 *Day 26*

🌺 Do everything you
can to pamper your
parents today.

🗓 *Day 27*

🍒 Console someone
who may deeply
need support and

🗓 *Day 28*

☄ Remember one dear
favor of Allah [SWT]
upon you and tell it
to people, write it as
a status or a tweet,
create a hashtag for it

💛 #IthankAllahfor

🗓 *Day 29*

🐓 Feed a homeless
animal. “There is a
reward for service to
every living animal.”

🍃 [Sahih Muslim] 🍃

🗓 *Day 30*

💓 Come up with a really
creative way of acting
kindly towards others
and share it with your
family and friends.



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