🌷 The Ruqya..🌷


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh 💓💓

✨✨Dear sisters✨✨✨

The waiting has finally come to an end..🎉

🌸 In sha Allah we will be starting our much awaited new series –

     🌷 The Ruqya..🌷

🔹◼🔹We would like to gently remind all sisters present here to kindly refrain from posting anything in this group. .even salaams💓

🔹you may kindly revisit the post on rules sent here a couple of days ago. .

🌸 We once again thank you all for your continuous company with us all these years as we journeyed through various series of knowledge of Deen..🌸

🌹 We hope and pray for the  blessings and towfeeq of Allah ﷻ as we continue with our sincere endeavours to impart authentic islamic knowledge and keep us guided on the Sirat-Al-Mustaqeem always. Aameen.🌹



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