💎💎 Al-Quddoos 💎💎


         👑 Names of Allah 👑


       💎💎 Al-Quddoos 💎💎


🌸 Allah calls Himself Al-Quddoos— The Most Pure, The All-Perfect—

🔹on two occasions in the Quran.

💎 He is the One who is the absolutely pure in essence and attributes.

🌹🌹Al-Quddoos is free from and far above any worldly imperfection, and He is beyond all human understanding of purity and perfection!

✨The Most Pure, the All-Perfect✨

▪Quddoos comes from the root qaaf-daal-seen, which points to three main meanings.

1⃣The first main meaning is to be pure and clean.

2⃣The second is to be far removed from impurity or imperfection, and

3⃣the third main meaning is to be sacred or blessed.

🌸 Linguistically, quddoos is on the intense structure of the attribute of quds,
     🔸🔸which refers to cleanliness or tahaarah and comes from the verb qadasa.

🌟🌟Al-Quddoos is ‘clean’ or free from any partner, spouse, or child, from death, from injustice, lying, forgetfulness, error, poverty, and stinginess.🌟🌟

🍁The angels glorify and praise Allah al-Quddoos continuously and so does the whole universe.🍁

🔸Al-Quddoos created us human beings to worship, glorify, and praise Him as He gave us something different: our hearts.❤

✨🌸Using the human heart to reflect on His creations, His perfection and greatness, it realizes that glorification and praise of the Creator is inevitable.

👑 So we praise and thank Al-Quddoos (alhamdulillah) and glorify Him (subhanAllah) as He is high above anything that does not befit Him.

🌸 Isn’t it a blessing to have such a perfect lord, and aren’t we blessed to be able to praise Him❓



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