💎💎 Al-Malik💎💎


         👑 Names of Allah 👑


           💎💎 Al-Malik💎💎


🌹🌹 The King, the Ruler, the Owner of Dominion🌹🌹

💠 Malik, Maalik and Maleek all come from the root maa-laa-kaa,

🔹which points to three main meanings.

▪1⃣The first main meaning is to have possession and ownership.

▪2⃣The second is to have power and ability and

▪3⃣the third main meaning is to control and have authority.

🌟Allah is the real King, the owner and ruler of the whole creation.

💎💎✨ Al-Malik gives authority to whomever He wants in this world, and He has supreme authority and is ruled by no one!✨

▪👑 Linguistically malik refers to the attribute of mulk; which points to power and ability: They do not possess ability.
    〰[Quran 13:16]〰

▪👑 Mulk also means possession and ownership:

🌺 To Him belongs the Ownership of the heavens and earth [Quran 2:107] as well as control and authority: O my people, sovereignty is yours today, [your being] dominant in the land. But who would protect us from the punishment of Allah if it came to us?
   〰Quran 40:29〰

▪👑 Al-Malik is simultaneously the Ultimate King, Ruler, and Owner of all beings.



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