💎 Precious Dua 📙 Note 6⃣


💎 Precious Dua

📙 Note 6⃣

🎨 Dua’a:
🎆 Surah Ta Ha 25-28 🎆

(قَالَ رَبِّ ٱشۡرَحۡ لِى صَدۡرِى (٢٥) وَيَسِّرۡ لِىٓ أَمۡرِى (٢٦) وَٱحۡلُلۡ عُقۡدَةً۬ مِّن لِّسَانِى (٢٧) يَفۡقَهُواْ قَوۡلِى (٢٨))
([Mûsa (Moses)] said: “O my Lord! Open for me my chest (grant me self-confidence, contentment, and boldness) (25) “And ease my task for me; (26) “And loose the knot (the defect) from my tongue, (27) “That they understand my speech, (28))

💝 Who made this dua’a?
🌀 Musa (as) 

⌛ Why was it said?

⛵ When Allah (swt) commanded Musa (as) to go to Firaoun because he had exceeded his boundaries.

🎌 This can also be used when facing any type of people, and there is no one as bad as Firaoun. This dua’a can be used for the da’ee, who is calling to Allah (swt).  

🔸 (قَالَ) (He said)

🍓 What is the start of the dua’a?

🔹(رَّبِّ) (My Rabb)

☔ meaning you are begging Allah (swt) by all of His actions, and with His actions, you will be reformed
(من افعال الله مصلحي و مدبري).

📌 What do you want Allah (swt) to do?

🔸(ٱشۡرَحۡ لِى صَدۡرِى)
(Open for me my chest)

📍This is from the actions of Allah (swt)
(الشرح فعل الله). 

means to elaborate, and it means to expand and make room. (وسع و افسح).

🍉 To expand what?

🔸 (صَدۡرِى)
my chest and heart.

🍥 Musa (as) is asking Allah (swt) to expand his heart and chest because he is conveying a message and he needs a vast chest in order to bear the hardship and difficulty that will emerge. Imagine when conveying a message, others can throw things verbally that can be painful and can cause the heart to tighten.

📕 So with this dua’a, you are asking to have a big heart, to be confident to be able to bear the hurt and harm from the people – whether verbal or physical (القولي و الفعلي).

🎨  You cannot control people’s behavior or mouths, but you are asking Allah (swt) to control your heart, subhan Allah.

🎯 You might be a sensitive person, so you make this dua’a to bear the comments of the people. And this gives you confidence because of your belief in Allah (swt). In the path of dawah, you will face different types of people, and you will not be able to continue your path if you are constantly affected by the people’s harm.

💓 If a da’ees heart is not big, then he will not be suitable to call the people to Allah (swt). When a person’s heart is big, then the people will accept the truth from him, subhan Allah. But imagine if you are losing your temper, saying why are people saying this, not being confident, etc then the people will not listen to you.

📮 Never think that a person who is harsh and angry will be able to invite the people. A person who is lenient and soft with a big heart will attract the people. The Prophet (pbuh) was lenient and approachable. 

🔹 (وَيَسِّرۡ لِىٓ أَمۡرِى)
(And ease my task for me)

🍊 you are asking Allah (swt) that any difficulties I will face to be made easy. What does it mean to make easy the conveying of the message?

🌱 To speak the right words, to the right people, at the right time – this is hikmah, wisdom.  It means give me the wisdom to speak the best words that is suitable for the people (يخاطب كل شخص بما يناسبه).

🏮 You want the quickest, easiest, smoothest way to penetrate the people’s hearts in order that they accept the truth
(يدعوه باقرب الطرق الموصل الى قلبه),
subhan Allah. To hit the target. What else are you asking for?

🔸 (وَٱحۡلُلۡ عُقۡدَةً۬ مِّن لِّسَانِى)
(And loose the knot (the defect) from my tongue)

🍭 you are asking Allah (swt) to ‘solve’ (حل) the ‘knot’ in my tongue. When a person has a big mission and needs to speak fluently, the words might not come out, so you are asking to remove that heaviness. Why does he want his tongue to be ‘unknot’?  

🔹 (يَفۡقَهُواْ قَوۡلِى)
(That they understand my speech)

🌺 so that the people can clearly understand his words. 

🔸 (فۡقَهُ) clearly understand

📝 Notice the sequence of the three things you are asking for, expanding the chest, then easing the affairs, then untying the knot in the tongue. And this shows you that we need Allah (swt) for everything. 

🌹 May Allah (swt) make easy our affairs.



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