❤ Happy Muslim Couple 💍 Lesson 9⃣


❤ Happy Muslim Couple

Productive Muslimah

💍 Lesson  9⃣


🌟 They sense each other’s stress 🌟

🎁 You know those times when your spouse is just not being their normal self or getting ticked off by every little thing❓

🎁 Or when you do something special and they didn’t even seem to notice❓

🌂 If you look a little deeper, you’ll find there’s definitely something that’s bothering them (and it is not you).

🌂 No matter how annoyingly they may be behaving, try to find out what’s wrong; try to sense their stress.

🌂 They’ll most likely be having a problem at work, be down with an illness or close to that time of the month, or the kids would’ve done a fantastic job at driving them mad all day.

🍉Shaytan waits to use these moments of stress to spark an argument, because the spouse under stress doesn’t have the energy to fight him when their mind is exhausted by other troubles.

🍭He waits for the calmer spouse to eventually get annoyed, pick up the bait and say “what’s gotten into you?”

🍭 and BAM! If you focus on putting your finger on what’s bothering your spouse and offering them support instead of getting worked up yourself, you immediately kill one more chance for shaytan to get to your marriage. 

💛Happy Muslim couples empathize with one another. 

🌺Once you’ve figured out what’s bothering your spouse, give them the space, comfort or help they need to de-stress.

🍒Ask them if they’d like to take a nap, be alone for sometime, take a break from the kids, get some help with their work or spend some time with their friends or family, if it’ll make them feel better.

🍒 Agree with your spouse to do this whenever either of you is acting out till you learn to sense each other’s stress just through your expressions, and your mutual intuition develops into a beautiful, unspoken language of care and understanding.

To be continued♡



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